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Harlan Weikle - Managing editor, Tampa

I'm a journalist writing for a metropolitan newspaper group and contributing editor for

Our purpose at Greener Magazine is to examine the links between globalization, third world development, human rights and a sustainable environment.

Combining their passions for the environment, green living and sustainability with a penchant for animal welfare/rights, Harlan and his wife Nancy, live and work on the Gulf of Mexico Coast where they share a house with 4 dogs, 3 cat, an inlet full of sea birds and an ocassional alligator. They both write and campaign extensively on behalf of animal welfare issues and the environment.

Harlan is an International Fellow with the Smithsonian Institution.

Nancy Weikle - Senior Operations Editor, Tampa

Nancy comes naturally to Greener Magazine having the misfortune of being married to its founder and Publisher she is really the heart of the team. Nancy took her degree from the University of Baltimore in Business Administration. Following which she enjoyed a successful career as Vice President of a major international financial institution in communications and operations before lending her expertise to our publication.

Nancy is an accomplished writer/publisher and the driving force behind several successful on-line magazines on gardening and the environment. She contributes frequently to other publications on subjects ranging from gardening to eco responsible living and animal welfare.

Her obsessions other than an acute penchant for organization and vegetarianism are her parents, siblings, animals, plants and anyone else whom she has ever met or ever will, and now, of course, our readers who will benefit from her dedication to detail and the vast amount of research and expertise that she brings to the content of Greener Magazine.

Greg Yanick - Editorial Intern, NY

Greg is currently earning his master's degree in journalism at Iona College, where he is most interested in exploring emerging trends in music, art and science. He values fresh air and good posture, and he's a furious traveler. He plays guitar, bass, piano and trumpet (in order of ability) and ruminates on cutting his second album while working as a DJ at clubs in his hometown of Brooklyn. His hair is even more disheveled in person than it appears in pictures.

Nidhi Kaushik – Editor European Desk, London

Nidhi graduated from the Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce with a degree in Commerce and then did her MBA from the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies where she specialised in Marketing and finance. During her college days, she worked as a copywriter for various advertising agencies and also, did client servicing at LINTAS. She has also, worked as an event manager and has organised exhibitions. After her MBA she joined P&O Nedlloyd as a Management trainee and was soon made the Manager for Western India for the Logistics department. Along with the rest of her managerial responsibilities she also handled CR & PR. She conceptualised Auto logistics and laid a business plan for the company at an all India level. In a pursuit to follow her calling she left her job and became a writer. She did the comprehensive writing course from the Writer’s Bureau of London and now is a fulltime freelance writer. She has written on various subjects such as “Working women: How to have it all”, “Guy’s guide to PMS” and “Fading Fertility” etc. for magazines in UK, the USA and the web. To learn more about her visit her website.

Jodey Byers - Editorial Intern, Omaha

Jodey studied philosophy and biology at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Since graduating from college, she has been working in both print and broadcast journalism primarily as a freelancer. She loves hiking, skiing and live music. Jodey has been fortunate to live and visit all over the country and currently calls Omaha, Nebraska home.


Diane Cimetta - Editorial Intern, Ontario, CA

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada), she grew up with a city that is now considered a metropolis. As they grew apart, the city’s growth continues in one direction, and Diane’s has turned to another, which has lead her to the town of Haliburton, Ontario where she studies Eco Tourism and Adventure Tourism Management. Her work portfolio includes Make-up Artistry, Store Manager for Guess? Clothing, and selling computers for Dell.

She has always loved nature and exploring it’s wonder and beauty, and has developed a passion for it’s preservation and conservation. Combining her passion for nature along with her interest in Fashion and Beauty, Diane aims to educate people on how to achieve beauty and style with reducing our impact on our earth.

Andrew Turner - Technology Associate, Michigan

Andrew is an Aerospace Engineer who spends a lot of time building things. During his undergraduate years at the University of Virginia Andrew led a team of students in designing and building an autonomous, solar-powered airship for environmental monitoring and communications. His graduate work included being software architect and project leader for a space satellite.

Andrew now lives in Southeast Michigan, but travels the world as frequently as possible. He writes for various technical journals,develops computer simulations, dabbles in photography, scuba diving,and is an avid curler. Website:Green Roof Resource

Sara Kate Kneidel - Associate Writer, North Carolina

Sara Kate Kneidel, born and raised in North Carolina, earned a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Spanish from Guilford College in 2005, with a minor in field biology. After traveling and farming abroad, she now writes and works at home. Writing, she believes, is an effective means of raising public awareness of political issues and social concerns. Veggie Revolution is her first book.
See our blog Veggie Revolution for more information!

Karin Didring - Intern writer, Malmö Sweden

Karin studied English and Literature before deciding on an education in Information Design at the University of Märlardalen, Sweden. During her time of study, she worked at Fältbiologen, an environmental youth magazine. In the summer of 2002 she produced her dissertation project, a website about working with the Greek turtle-organisation Arcehlon, and graduated with a bachelor of arts.

Karin continued her studies in 3D, journalism, design, arts, Spanish and French. Shuffled between her studies she managed to travel in Asia and Europe finally securing an internship with the Swedish nature magazine "Sveriges Natur" in Stockholm.

Karin currently lives in Malmö, in the southern tip of Sweden. She works as a journalist and comic strip-artist. She lives in a small community with two women, top floor of the best multi-culture creative blocks in Malmö.

Autumn Tarleton - Video Producer, Writer/ Director, Florida

Autumn Tarleton grew up with sand between her toes on the beaches of Clearwater, Florida. After escaping the grasps of adulthood for a few years by hiding in China, Europe, and Central America, and existing off her herbal nutrition and massage therapy knowledge, she decided to attend The Documentary Institute at the University of Florida where she will earn her master’s degree in 2006.

The encouragement of her friends and family led her to find herself in a career where the foundation of digital video production remains but the walls are continuously re-built with whatever she fancies to produce: travel diaries, environmental action videos, and documentaries. In the future she hopes to produce music videos, “mockumentaries” and fiction.

In transit from Gainesville, Florida—home of freshwater springs—to Brooklyn, New York—home of not-so-fresh smelling streets—she hopes to continue producing in the summer and snow-birding in the winter. She enjoys the written word, the sound of music and the German Beer Purity Law of 1516.

Reem Saleh - actress, director, producer

Reem Saleh graduated a Bachelor of Arts in radio, TV and film with a minor in psychology from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. A stage and film actress, she served as first assistant director for the film When Maryam Spoke Out and has directed one short film, a stage play and numerous television documentaries.

“I have a strong inclination to nature and animals and was about to make a road film in Lebanon,” she says, “unfortunately, the recent war there destroyed much of Lebanon’s natural beauty, making this film a sad and dangerous journey.”

Reem lives in Qatar where she works as a freelance television producer. She has started a NGO in Lebanon to support the various artists’ missions there.